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How to Book Ad Swap

Go to Find Partner section and use filters at the top to find a partner who suits you best.

Meaning of each button:

When you want want to do a swap

Quantity of visitors that you want to swap

Percentage of ratings with sales reported by other users on 30 latest swaps.

Minimal number of positive ratings that your partner must have

After you have made a decision, click any person to view their profile and book a swap.

Review Partner’s Profile

At the top of profile you will see partner’s country and city, local time, all ratings and awards. You can directly message the user via message button or use options to report spam or block this person

Book A Swap

When you are ready to buy, jump to the order form


At the top you can select number of visitors you need and the date for swap. Below you can see a slider as alternative way to select number of visitors. Maximum number of visitors depends on the partner and traffic availability on selected date.

Select Filters

Below visitors slider you can pick traffic filters that will be automatically applied on your swap.

Base filter is always included on all swaps and can not be turned off.

Only top tier - you’ll get only traffic from wealthiest countries.

Only mobile - you will get traffic only from mobile phone users and tablets.

No mobile - you will get only desktop traffic, including laptops.

Create or choose your ad text

The system will automatically save your ad text and link. On the next order it will automatically insert your previously used ad text. Your ad text must have at least one link. It can have as many links as you wish, but to one website only.

Click ‘Send Proposal’ button

Your partner will be given 72 hours to react.