Ad swaps
How to book ad swap
How to quickly book your first ad swap
Review results
How to analyze results you got on your ad swap
Post honest rating
How to post a rating or remove it
What is a Swipe and how click tracking works
Booking requirements
How to pre-qualify partners before they can book ad swap with you.
How to lock a day
How to block certain days from new ad swaps
Stats difference
What to do if my own tracker shows more clicks than Safe Swaps
Safe-Swaps Click Filter
How Safe Swaps filters fake and useless clicks
Optin tracking
How to track all optins you get from ad swaps
Affiliate program
How to earn 50% from all your referrals
What is ad swap
What is ad swap
How to write a swipe
How to create a good swipe
Safe-Swaps rules
Ad Swap, Forum and Swipe rules
Blind rating system
How the Rating System Works
How to cancel my account
How to cancel my membership
How Safe Swaps Protects You
How do we maintain exceptional traffic quality