Paid offers with ad swapping idea
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Bruno Duarte

Hey guys!

As we all know, solo ads and ad swapping is all about building a list.

But consider this:

If you build a list using solo ads and use ad swapping to send out paid offers.

For instance: If you send a ad swap with a paid offer to a partner, for 25 clicks which is a minimum, and make even if a sale, that could decrease or even cover the cost for a solo ad right? Which one could use this profit to buy more solo ads that would increase the subscriber rates from solo ad purchases much wider than a 2 or 3 optins from a 25 click swap. (makes sense? )

We would keep our lists intact instead of moving our subscribers back and forth and saturating our list...

Even if you would not make a sale, you still have someone promoting your paid offers for free and vice-versa...

I know that main concept is building a list, but why not give it a shot? After all it wont cost you or me anything other than broadcasting an email with a paid offer to our lists.

Keep in mind, this is just an idea as a minimum click rate will not bring a lot of optins, if any, even with a free offer.

... And any advice is always welcome :)

I hope to see more active members here.

02 Apr at 13:36